Eye Level Hub

Eye Level Hub

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Eye Level Hub offers the ideal space for your successful business.

Interior Design

First, second, and third floors are designed by Gensler, one of the top American design firms. Use of elements such as wood, metal, and rocks create a space that demonstrates modernity and respect for the beauty of nature at the same time.

Design of geometric shapeson the walls were inspired by one of Eye Level's supplemental tools (Wooden Blocks) used in the critical thinking math program. The shapes are believed to enhance one's critical thinking abilities.

Three main colors used for second and third floors each represents Daekyo's corporate core values: Honesty, Passion, and Respect.

Honesty, in another word, transparency, is represented by the color white. Passion translates to open discussion, which is represented by the color red. And finally, Respect is portrayed through the color grey. It signifies respect, especially in communication. It is neither black nor white, but in between, respecting everyone's opinion and coming to the common ground through active communication.

These three values held highly by Daekyo are represented not only in the colors but also in the material and structure of the space. Walls of the rooms are made of glass, showing transparency and flow of communication between the employees, as well as openness for new ideas.

From the staircase, which connects second and third floor, to the space dedicated to brainstorming on third floor, Daekyo's philosophy of Honesty, Passion, and Respect is well represented throughout the entire office.